06 August 2012

 It's the first Monday of the month, and that means it's Secret Recipe Club reveal day.   The Secret Recipe Club is a group of food bloggers who secretly make one of someone else's dishes and post them all on the same day at the same time.  It's really fun, choosing a recipe to make, making the recipe, then reading about everyone else's recipes.  It's a great way to "meet" other bloggers and check out some great blogs that you never knew about before.

Secret Recipe Club

Again, this month I was assigned a blog that was new to me, A Fit and Spicy Life.  It is written by Mellissa, who describes herself as being a "30 something, food loving, wine drinking, weight lifting, traveling, yogi blogger and FitFluential Ambassador living in Minneapolis. A true Mid-Western girl."  She started her blog as a way to document a trip to Italy in 2009, then found that she loved blogging so much that she wanted to continue.  Her blog isn't just about food though; it is filled with posts about fitness, travel, and wine as well.  

Mellissa has a great collection of recipes on her blog.  She lives a very healthy lifestyle, and her recipes reflect that.  However, they are anything but bland and boring.  I saw several dishes that caught my eye. I recently bought a panini press and am totally obsessed with paninis right now, so her Grilled Ham, Prosciutto, and Pear Sandwiches got my attention.  I also liked the looks of her Cilantro Pesto with Lemon Pepper Pasta, and her Chicken and Summer Vegetable Tostadas.  But I ended up with a recipe that included one of my favorite things to eat in the summertime: chicken thighs.  Mellissa has a great recipe for Broiled Ginger Lime Chicken Thighs that sounded amazing.  I decided to adapt it for the grill.  I love grilling chicken thighs because they don't dry out and the skin gets crispy and delicious.  Here's my adaptation of Mellissa's recipe.

Grilled Ginger Lime Chicken Thighs

1 lime
1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
1 large clove garlic, grated
1 large shallot, minced
1 tsp salt
6-8 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs 

Zest lime and set zest aside for garnish later (if desired).  Juice lime and put juice in a small bowl.  Add ginger, garlic, shallot, and salt and mix well.

Divide ginger mixture evenly among chicken thighs and stuff it underneath the skin.  

Grill thighs over medium heat, 10-15 minutes per side.  Cook until internal temperature reaches 160°.  Remove from grill and garnish with lime zest, if desired.

Makes 3-4 servings.

It's such a simple recipe, but man, it packs a flavor punch!  Mellissa used green onions instead of the shallots, but I just love the flavor of shallots and ginger together, and I don't like how green onions get wilty-looking after being cooked.  I also threw some garlic in there for good measure. :)  Mellissa also put some curry powder in the mix, but I was afraid it would overpower the other flavors, so I left it out.  

I served this chicken over gingered brown rice with carrots on the side and it made the perfect summertime meal.  These thighs work really well on the grill, but I might have to use Mellissa's broiler method when I'm craving them this winter.

Thanks for a great recipe, Mellissa!

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  1. Mmmmm.  I love the combination of these flavors.  I will be trying this...maybe tonight!

  2. Glad you liked this! It was one of these very easy weeknight dinners and there are a lot of different flavors you can add to this to keep it interesting. 

  3. I'm always in search of great chicken recipes and this one looks like a winner.

    If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my SRC entry:   Chicken Satay Noodle Salad.Lisa~~Cook Lisa Cook

  4. Oh girl, these look SO good! What a great choice for this month - I am in love with the thought of lime and chicken together - perfect!

  5. What a great pick!  I love chicken thighs on the grill, and this combination of flavours sounds just lovely.
    In fact, I had this recipe on my shortlist a couple of months ago when I was assigned Melissa's blog, but I decided to go with something else since it was too cold to grill outdoors.  Now that the weather has warmed up, though, I should really get around to making these... thanks for the reminder!

  6. Lovely flavors for chicken, great recipe!