Hi there! I'm Lesa, the author of Edesia's Notebook.  Here's a little bit about me.

Where I am: I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Kenosha is awesome because well, first of all, it's Wisconsin.  The land of beer and cheese!  I don't really care for beer, but I'm all about the cheese!  Kenosha's also great because it has everything you need.  Several different grocery stores to choose from, as well as several specialty stores like Tenuta's Italian deli and grocery and of course, the Mars Cheese Castle.  But if you feel like getting out of town, we are nestled right between Milwaukee to the north and Chicago just to the south.  That's how I get my Trader Joe's fix!  I also love how Kenosha is right on Lake Michigan; our house is about a mile from the shore. So I can go for a walk on the beach whenever the mood strikes me, although I have to bundle up most of the year! I am originally from Auburn, Indiana, and have also lived in Iowa, Missouri (St. Louis), Texas, and Michigan.

Who I cook for: Mostly my husband and two daughters.  My husband Jim is a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  He loves to eat and I love to feed him.  :) He is a farmer's son, and therefore is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, but he is really open to trying anything.  When we first started dating, he wouldn't eat vegetables, but now he loves them and is fully on board with the meatless meals I make once a week.  He is my number one encourager and supporter.  

We have two young daughters.  Lena is seven and is in second grade.  She has always been an awesome eater, right from the very beginning, shoveling in lima beans before she was old enough to talk.  She eats like a horse and has usually inhaled her meal before I even sit down to mine.  She is always on the go and needs lots of food to fuel all that incredible, never-ending energy she has!  She talks a mile a minute all. the. time. and cracks us up constantly with her silly, hilarious personality.

Eva is five and is in Kindergarten.  She is quieter and more shy than her sister, but is the sweetest little thing in the world and is my Number 1 cuddler.  She was allergic to dairy and peanuts as a baby, but seems to have outgrown them by now, thanks be to God.  She is my grazer.  She will only take a few bites of her lunch, but if I leave it on the table, she will come back for small bites all afternoon and will usually have it finished just before dinnertime!  She will not tolerate being rushed to eat.  So different from her sister!

Other people I cook for: Our church congregation and school families.  Of course, I always cook for church potlucks, funerals, etc.  I also provide breakfast treats (usually muffins or coffeecake) once a month for a Lutheran Confessions Study that my husband leads.  I am often asked to provide refreshments at our school functions as well.  I also enjoy cooking for any family that comes to visit us from Indiana.

What I do: I work part-time as our church's secretary.  It is a perfect job for me as I love that kind of work and the hours are totally flexible.  My husband and I love working together.  Besides cooking, my other favorite hobby is reading.  I always have a book and go through about 40 novels a year.  You can find me on Goodreads to see what I've been reading lately.

I am also an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan as a result of living in St. Louis for a while.  Another benefit of living in Kenosha is that I am very close to three MLB ballparks, and have several opportunities each year to see the Cardinals at Miller Park in Milwaukee or Wrigley Field in Chicago.  We greatly prefer Miller Park and go at least once a season, usually taking our girls too.

We have two pets.  My best buddy, my kitty cat Peatie.  I usually have to move her out of the way of my laptop keyboard while typing up posts.

And our cockatiel, Felix. 

What you'll find on my blog:  I am kind of obsessed with trying new recipes.  I tend to get bored easily and crave variety in what I cook and eat.  I certainly have favorites, though, that I turn to when I want something "tried and true".  (These recipes are denoted on my recipe indices with an asterisk.)  In general I make tons of new recipes during the summer when outdoor lighting is optimal and end up with a backlog of recipes to share during the cold, dark winter when I can't take good photos.

My recipes are usually pretty simple and don't involve a long list of ingredients or tons of time in the kitchen.  Most of them are kid-friendly, but of course, that definition varies from kid to kid.  Mine are pretty good eaters, so I don't go overboard making sure everything is kid-friendly.  I try to serve one meatless meal a week, and usually one seafood meal a week (I rotate between salmon, albacore tuna, tuna steak, and cod; we are not fans of shrimp or other seafood).  I am a meal planning monster; religiously planning my meals every week.  It keeps me sane!

Follow me on Instagram to see my weekly meal plans and random picks of the fun things I am cooking up for dinner! @aseleener

About my blog: I started this blog on March 29, 2007 as a way to keep digital track of new recipes that I try.  I had no idea what to name it, and ended up with Edesia's Notebook.  A lot of people think my name is Edesia; it is not!  Edesia was the Roman goddess of the feast.  I am really sick of that name and really really want to change it.  I have bought a new domain, but I don't know how to transfer everything over, and with over 600 recipes posted, I don't want all those links not to work.  So that is something I am working on for the future.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  I hope you find something you like.  Please leave me a comment if you try one of my recipes; I would love to hear how you liked it, good or bad!  


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