18 September 2014

It's time once again for the Improv Challenge.  And this isn't just any old Improv Challenge post; it's my first as hostess!  Kristen had been our faithful leader for almost three years but felt it was time to pass on the hostess duties to someone else.  I volunteered immediately because I had never hosted a monthly linky party before but always wanted to.  I'm super excited to be hosting this challenge.  I have loved this challenge from the first time I participated, in November 2011.  The lady who started the challenge abruptly quit blogging and Kristen swooped in and saved the day by hosting that month (most of us had already made dishes and typed up posts when we found out the hostess was MIA). And in that almost three years since, I have only missed one monthly challenge, the month we were packing up to move from Michigan to Wisconsin last year.  So I am very happy to be hosting now!

This month's assigned ingredients were milk and honey.  Nice!  I quickly found out that those are popular ingredients in soap-making.  While soap-making probably does resemble cooking in a lot of ways, I wanted my creation to be edible, so I moved on.  I actually found a recipe that not only uses the two assigned ingredients, but uses ONLY the two assigned ingredients.  Has that ever been done before?  Do I get some kind of special award?  :)  I found this recipe for popsicles at Honest Cooking and I thought it was so cool that it only had two ingredients; coconut milk and honey.  I am lactose-intolerant and my youngest daughter is allergic to dairy, so I was really intrigued by the idea of a dairy-free creamy popsicle.  Recipes don't get much simpler than this one!

Coconut Milk and Honey Popsicles

1 (13.6 oz.) can unsweetened coconut milk
3 tbsp honey

Combine coconut milk and honey.  Stir or whisk until completely smooth (I used my stick blender).  Pour into popsicle molds.  Freeze at least 4 hours.  

Makes 8 small popsicles.

Note: Use the coconut milk that comes in a can that is found in the Asian aisle of the grocery store, not the kind in the carton that is found in the dairy section. They are two very different products which, unfortunately, have the same name. Also, get the full-fat version, not the low-fat.

These were so incredibly easy to make.  The only problem I had was getting them out of the molds.  The sticks pulled out of a few of them.  The trick I figured out was to run them under warm water for a few seconds.  They popped right out then.

So how did they taste?  I'll let my kids tell you.

 Lena's tongue was blue from a sucker she had right before this.  I like how it matches her eyes!  She has no dairy issues but she loved these pops.

 Eva liked them, but had a hard time finishing hers due to the weather.  It wasn't exactly popsicle weather last weekend here in Wisconsin!  I think we were struggling in the mid-50s this day.  

 These popsicles are on the soft side, so you don't want to take too much time eating them.

Or you will end up with a drippy face!

Be sure to check out all of the great milk and honey recipes below and come back next month to see what I make with chocolate and peanut butter.  Classic!


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  1. Ashley@Cheese Curd In ParadiseSeptember 18, 2014 at 9:14 AM

    Sounds wonderful! I love frozen coconut milk as a treat!

  2. You did a fabulous job, you host like a pro!! Love your popsicles...so simple, yet such a great combination! I wish I could send you a little of our Florida warmth. I am ready for cooler weather!!

  3. I love how similar our choices were. I have a ton of coconut milk (my husband thinks I hoard it and maybe I do) so I'm going to make these as soon as my fresh peach popsicles are gone and I have free molds again.

  4. ooooooooooh! Those look quite yummy!

  5. Oh, those sound great! I keep buying coconut ice pops from the grocery store for silly money so I should try making your's, instead :)

  6. Yum! I have a can of TJ's coconut cream in my pantry that may work for this. And 2 ingredients- total win!