06 July 2011

No recipe today, but I wanted to share with you that Edesia's Notebook is now on Facebook. I am a total Facebook junkie and use it personally all the time (I've been a member since January of 2006), and recently I have been posting links to my blog posts from my personal Facebook profile.  This has been very successful.  You may notice that I don't get many comments here on my blog.  I get most of my comments on Facebook where I post the link for all of my friends to see.  I get very positive feedback there, and sometimes my posts spark discussions and questions from friends about various food topics.

I've seen an increasing number of food bloggers who have created Facebook pages for their blogs.  I think it's really smart.  I did the same today.  You can find Edesia's Notebook on Facebook at


There is also a box on the sidebar that takes you right to the Facebook page.  I like this new page because people who don't know me personally can follow my blog and see what I've been cooking lately.  If you are on Facebook, I invite you to check out my new page and "like" it.  I will soon be posting links from there instead of from my personal Facebook profile.

I am intending the new Facebook page to be completely interactive.  I invite you to share what you have been cooking lately.  You can upload photos of your creations, or just share it with others in a wall post.  Also, please feel free to ask any questions there as well.  If I, or any of the other fans, don't know the answer, we'll find it!

So please check out my new page if you have a free moment.  Thanks!


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