23 March 2011

This is a really simple, yet tasty, soup that I adapted from one in a cookbook called Twelve Months of Monastery Soups. Yes, this is a cookbook of soup recipes written by a monk in a monastery!

Broccoli Bacon Soup

1 lb. broccoli, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 cups chicken stock
1 cup milk
4 strips bacon, chopped
6 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Gruyere or Parmesan cheese, grated

Heat the olive oil in a soup pot. Add the broccoli, garlic, and bacon and saute for a minute or two, stirring constantly. Add 2 cups stock. Stir well. Cover the pot and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the remaining stock and milk and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. Add salt and pepper and simmer for a few minutes. Garnish at the last minute with some grated cheese.

Makes 4 servings.

This is my adaptation. The original called for tomato paste and all water instead of stock and milk.

If you like broccoli and you like bacon, this soup's for you!



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