16 January 2014

It's time to begin another great year of Improv Challenges!  

The premise of the Improv Challenge is easy: each month there are two assigned ingredients.  The participants must make a recipe using both ingredients and blog about it.

This month's assigned ingredients were cheese and crackers.  I love cheese and crackers!  They make a great snack, and I often have them for lunch as well.  I live in Wisconsin, a mere 5 miles from the infamous place called The Cheese Castle, so I never have a shortage of awesome cheeses to try out.  But I had to really think about it to come up with something to "do" with the cheese and crackers instead of just eating them as-is.  So I did some Pinterest searching (it has become my search engine of choice for recipes) and came upon a picture of adorable owls made out of cheese and crackers.  Owls have been quite popular lately, so I guess that is the inspiration here.  From what I could figure out, these owls first appeared in Family Fun Magazine.  I found them on the blog I Love My Kids.  You can just look at the picture to recreate these little cuties, but here's the specifics of how I made them.

Owl Crackers

Four large crackers (I used multigrain Breton)
¼ cup whipped cream cheese
4 mini Ritz Bits sandwich crackers
Small bag sliced almonds
Small bag whole almonds
Small box raisins

Spread a layer of cream cheese on each round cracker, using the tip of the butter knife to make small indents for feathers.  Separate the Ritz cracker sandwiches and press on the large cracker for eyes.  Put a small dab of cream cheese on the raisins and place them on the Ritz.  Finish by pressing on an almond beak and almond-slice feathers.  (The beak looks best if you lay it on its side instead of flat.)

Makes 4 crackers.

 This is all you need to make these adorable crackers.

My five-year-old, Lena, loved them.  I made them when my three-year-old was at school because she is allergic to dairy.  

These crackers were a big hit with my daughter, so try them out whenever your kids start getting bored with their snacks.

Be sure to check out all the other great cheese and cracker recipes below and come back next month to see what I make with bread and butter.

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  1. Ahhh! Those are so cute! I don't have kids, but that's not going to stop me from making them :)

  2. As the kids say, "Totes adorbs!" These will be a hit with my Kindergarten Sunday School class, I'm sure. Thanks for the great idea, Lesa.

  3. Those are SO adorable. You totally win the nonexistent "most creative" prize!

  4. How adorable are these?!? So creative! My kids would go bonkers for these. Love!

  5. Karen - Cinnamon FreudJanuary 18, 2014 at 9:41 PM

    So cute! Love these.