05 December 2013

Happy December!  Now that we are done with Thanksgiving, I am in full Christmas-y mode.  Perfect timing as today we are all posting Christmas-themed cookies for this month's Fill the Cookie Jar.

This is actually a cookie that I made last year, that I never got around to posting before Christmas.  I got the idea from Caffeine and A Prayer.  I made them for my daughter's preschool class last year and she reported back that they were a big hit with the kids.  Not only are these cookies bound to be loved by kids, but they are great cookies to be made by kids.  They are easy for kids to help with and a lot less messy than decorating sugar cookies!  I did my cookies just slightly different from the original; here's how I did them.

Reindeer Cookies

Frosting (canned is fine)
Brown food coloring
Nutter Butter cookies
Tiny twist pretzels
Red and brown M&Ms

Stir brown food coloring into frosting until it is the approximate shade of the Nutter Butters.  Spread a small glob of frosting on the top of each Nutter Butter and attach two pretzels to make the antlers.  Place two small dollops of frosting and stick on brown M&Ms for the eyes.  Do another small dollop of frosting near the bottom and attach a red M&M for the nose.

Let sit for an hour or so to allow the frosting to harden.  Serve or store in an airtight container for serving the next day.

Makes as many as you like!

If you click through to the original recipe, you will notice two main differences.  She didn't color her frosting for the "glue".  You don't have to do this, but I think it looks better this way.  You don't want that part to stick out so much.  It would be tempting to use peanut butter for this purpose, but it won't harden as much as the frosting, and your antlers, eyes, and noses might not stay on very well.

The other thing I changed was to use two pretzels for the antlers instead of just one.  I think they look more "antler-y" this way.

Aren't they adorable?

Check out all the other great holiday cookies below and happy baking!

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  1. Lesa, these are too cute! They would be the adorable finishing touch to any cookie tray! Thanks for sharing this great idea! :)

    Love, Joy

  2. Oh they're so cute! I know my daughter would love making these while we're on break over the holidays.

  3. Oh My, I just love these cookies. They are almost, note I said almost, too cute to eat! I bet your girls loved them! Thanks for being a part of the Fill The Cookie Jar Group!

  4. I love your Reindeer! I dear friend is a Nutter Butter fanatic, and last year I made "Santa's" for her out of Nutter Butters. Now I can surprise her with something new this year :)

    You must be a Penzey's fan, too?

  5. Yes, I'm a Penzey's fanatic! I hope your friend likes these reindeer cookies. I also have a recipe for "Snowman Cookies" using Nutter Butters. http://www.edesiasnotebook.com/2012/01/snowman-cookies.html Nutter Butters are the perfect cookies to get creative with! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Hi Lesa, These are adorable. My grandson will love making these with me. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  7. Michelle Rushing HiltonDecember 5, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    These are super cute. I may make them with my grandkids. I know they would love them.