12 April 2011

I saw this recipe on a blog when I was working on my meal plan for April and added it to the list right away. My husband and I love Greek food (especially gyros), so I knew this would be right up our alley.

Chicken Souvlaki Pita Sandwiches

1 lb. boneless chicken breast
¼ cup olive oil
4 tsp Greek seasoning
Feta cheese
Pita bread or flatbread

Slice chicken into thin strips. Place in resealable plastic bag and add olive oil and Greek seasoning. Seal bag and squish it around until the oil and seasoning is evenly distributed. Place in fridge and marinate for several hours.

Grill chicken on grill pan or outside grill. (If you have a hard time grilling the thin strips on your outside grill, you can marinate and grill the chicken breasts whole and then cut into strips after cooking.)

Build sandwiches by layering chicken, tzatziki sauce, feta, and spinach on pita or flatbread.

Makes 4 servings.

This is really tasty and really easy to make. I wanted to make it with flatbread, but this stuff in the picture is all I could find. It's some whole grain healthy brand of flatbread, and to be honest, it tasted like soggy cardboard. I was looking for something like the flatbread they have at Subway. So next time I think I will just use pita. That's more traditional anyway.

I, of course, used Penzey's Greek seasoning for this, but the blogger I got the recipe from used Cavender's.

The blog I saw this on didn't give any indication of what to serve with these sandwiches. I thought some kind of potato would be good with it. So I boiled some whole potatoes, cut them into thick slices, seasoned them with a lemon garlic seasoning, and pan fried them until golden brown. They were really good with the souvlaki. I looked up souvlaki on Wikipedia this morning and found out that it is traditionally served with fried potatoes on it!

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