27 August 2009

My 100th Recipe!!

I am pleased to announce that I have just posted my 100th recipe on this blog! It was my Guacamole Rice. Wow, I can't believe I have blogged about 100 recipes! It's amazing to see how the recipes have changed since I started. And the pictures have changed a lot too, for the better, in just the last couple of months. (Thanks to some advice I received from a fellow food blogger.)

Blogger tells you each time you sign in how many posts you have. The Guacamole Rice recipe was my 120th, and according to my records, I have 20 non-recipe posts (restaurant reviews, equipment, etc.).

Thanks so much to all of you who actually read this blog. I have really enjoyed doing it the last 2 years and four months or so. Thanks to all of you who made comments. I love getting comments and hearing that other people have tried these recipes.

I'm looking forward to sharing another 100 recipes with you!


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your mom is very proud of your accomplishments in the kitchen,and thankful for all the things you are teaching her! You Go Girl!

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