25 July 2009

These are the margaritas Hilary and I made for our Sister's Day party this year. I didn't know what to call them, and they are so good that they definitely deserve their own name, so I made one up. It's an acronym.

I got the recipe from my friend, Brenda, who is a Pampered Chef consultant and makes them at her shows. Hilary had had them before too, but I forgot where.

Doya Margaritas

2 (12 oz.) cans Sprite
2 (12 oz.) cans frozen limeade, thawed
2 (12 oz.) bottles Corona
24 oz. tequila (use the empty limeade cans to measure)

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Stir thoroughly. Serve over ice. Take away everyone's car keys and enjoy!

Makes 3 quarts, or 8 (12 oz.) drinks.

These are the best margaritas ever! I don't like frozen blended margaritas (they give me that "head freeze" thingy), so these are perfect for me. The beer and the Sprite give them a nice carbonation effect, but it's not like drinking soda at all. You can salt the rims too, if you like that. We didn't bother. If you do decide to salt the rims, try dipping the glasses in tequila instead of water. That's what Brenda did at her PC show and it was nice! This is some pretty potent stuff, so consider yourself warned. Definitely suited for a "girls' night in" kind of party or any other situation where no one will need to drive anywhere.

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