20 December 2008

Merry Christmas to me!  This year for Christmas, my lovely husband got me a Lodge cast iron grill pan.  It's something I have been wanting for a while now.  Rachael Ray got me interested in it, and I checked her line at foodnetwork.com.  Hers was more than twice the price of the Lodge; and I read somewhere that it is made by Lodge.  So I bought this one on Amazon.com.  It has like 196 reviews with an average of 4 1/2 stars (that's out of five).  They even gave me free shipping (which is a great savings considering it weighs about 15 pounds!)  And it came lighting quick.  I ordered it on Tuesday evening and it came on Thursday afternoon.  Wow!  

It is so nice!  It is a grill pan on one side, and a smooth griddle on the other side.  Both sides have a narrow grease gutter for draining. It lays across two burners on the stove.

I did have one problem with it at its inaugural use.  They don't tell you this, but apparently you are supposed to remove the paper label from the griddle side before heating it up!

OOPS!!!  Yeah, that stunk up the kitchen for a while!

I made some grilled chicken seasoned with a garlic and herb seasoning.  Very simple and delicious.  This will be a great substitute for the outdoors grill during the off season.

Thanks, Jimmy, for the wonderful Christmas gift!



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