09 April 2007

Here is an explanation of my restaurant ratings. Keep in mind that these ratings are for the visit reviewed only. They do not indicate my opinion of that restaurant in general.

%%%%% Great atmosphere; not too loud
%%%% Nice atmosphere
%%% Atmosphere was ok
%% Atmosphere could have been better
% Bad atmosphere

%%%%% Great; different cuisines; lots of items to choose from
%%%% Good variety of items
%%% Menu selections were ok
%% Not very good menu variety
% Very few items to choose from

%%%%% Best food I’ve ever eaten
%%%% Pretty good food
%%% Food was ok
%% Food wasn’t great
% Food was bad

%%%%% Friendly, attentive, fast service
%%%% Pretty fast or friendly service
%%% Service was ok
%% Staff wasn’t too friendly or efficient
% Service was horrible

Price (includes tax and tip):
%%%%% Under $5 a person
%%%% $6-$10 a person
%%% $11-$15 a person
%% $16-$20 a person
% Over $20 a person

%%%%% Easy to find, easy to park
%%%% Somewhat easy to find and park
%%% Location and parking ok
%% Location and parking somewhat difficult
% Inaccessible location and difficult parking



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