18 September 2010

Great news! I recently won a recipe contest! I entered it on a whim, and was so surprised to get an email a couple of weeks ago saying that I had won! It was on a website called Tried and Tested Recipes. The recipe I entered was my Mexican Lasagna. The theme of the contest was summer, and this recipe has zucchini in it, so I thought that would be a good one to enter.

Here is a link to my "winner's page" on the website: Recipe Contest Winner Summer 2010

I won a $50 Amazon.com giftcard. I haven't yet decided what to buy with it; there are so many things I want!

This win has inspired me to enter more recipe contests. I am currently working on a couple of recipes for Better Homes and Gardens contests.

This is actually the second recipe contest I have won. A couple of years ago, I entered one sponsored by Hunts tomatoes. It was my Simple Stovetop Chili. I had totally forgotten about it, when one day I received a copy of Martha Stewart's book, Cooking School. I was a runner-up.



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